Know Your Gear Podcast

Sweetwater Selling To A Private Equity Partner

August 31, 2021 Phillip Mcknight Season 9 Episode 15
Know Your Gear Podcast
Sweetwater Selling To A Private Equity Partner
Show Notes

01:29 Sweetwater And Its New Private Equity Partner. Whats Going to happen?
05:00 The real online power of Sweetwater
36:50 The old days are gone and anyone can do this
38:00 The podcasts on Apple
39:58 Why I like short scale basses and the way I play out
Me playing with Larry
48:11 Please, please, please don't sell your Gibson Studio
52:50 And Why Not
54:28 There are a few owners who are the customer service department of their company
57:48 Do I dislike Suhr guitars?
1:03:30 Bad Cat amps
1:08:29 Having trouble teaching a kid guitar
1:09:45 More people can sing than dance??
1:13:40 What happened to the super chats a couple weeks ago?
1:16:10 Why isn't the earvana nut more popular?
1:22:03 The Pedal Pal video went crazy !
1:30: My Soldano SLO30 and Rat Pack Records
1:45:00 Thoughts on the new $10,000 Gibson Jerry Cantrell model?

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